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Model of the Month: Gypsy/Circus wagon

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Model-of-the-Month for June is a Gypsy/Circus wagon.

This is the first model in our new "Model of the Month" (MOTM) project.   Each month we're planning to make a limited run of a different model.

The first in the series is a 1/60th scale ("28mm") model of a highly ornate "Gypsy Caravan" (properly called a "Romani Vardo").

These wagons were originally made for traveling circuses and painted to look impressive as they paraded through small towns.

But when the Romani people discovered them, they were an instant hit and are more often considered to be the home of the iconic Gypsy fortune teller. 

A real Romani wagon

The model comes as an unpainted kit.


Build Instructions:

Remove parts from the sheet using a box cutter, modeling knife or scalpel: 

If you're planning to paint the model - it's much easier to do so BEFORE you glue it all together.

First locate the parts for the base of the wagon, the axles, and the shafts:

Glue the front axle part into the hole in the shafts - make sure the etching is facing upwards on the shafts and forwards on the axles:

Insert the spike through the round hole in the base of the cart and glue the round boss in place - try not to get any glue onto the base of the cart so that the front wheels will be able to turn.  Leave a little gap between the round boss and the base to allow the shafts to flop towards the ground when the cart is parked without a horse.  Then glue the rear axle into the rectangular hole in the back of the wagon:

Glue the wheels onto the axles - the large wheels go on the rear axle, the smaller ones at the front:

Locate the walls of the wagon and the back brace:

Glue the sides onto the wagon (etching facing outwards):

Before the glue sets, glue the front and back wall in place.  The side walls need to be angled outwards slightly to fit the shape of the front and back walls:


Glue the decorative parts onto the sides of the wagon - make sure you have them the right way around (look carefully at the photo below - see how there the heads of the snakes on the sides of the wagon face forwards) - make sure the holes for the windows are aligned with the window frames - and that the top of the decorative pieces are lined up with the tops of the side walls:

Glue the back brace into the holes in the back wall:

Next locate the roof parts.  Note that there are two choices for the front strip - one has generic "circus" etching - the other is "Madam Varda" with some kind of evil-eye/fortune teller symbol.  Pick either one and discard the other: 

 The five roof planking sections includes two slightly wider strips (one with a hole in it) - those go at the sides of the roof with the slightly narrower strips in the center.  Also, one end has pointed "tabs" on it - and those go toward the rear of the roof.  Glue the square-ended tabs into one end section:

 Glue the pointed ends into the other - then make sure everything is square and tight before the glue sets:

 Glue whichever name plate you decided on to the front of the roof.  You might decide that you wish to place items inside the wagon - in which case you should not glue the roof down...but if you do decide to glue it, it should be positioned with a large overhang at the front of the wagon and a smaller overhang at the back:

 Next, find the parts of the front staircase:

 Glue the four planks into the holes on one side, then onto the other:

 The staircase can be glued to the front of the wagon if you intend it to always be "parked" - or leave it loose so that it can be hitched to a suitable 28mm cart-horse model.

 Finally, locate the three small parts for the chimney:

 Glue the two rings over the chimney itself:

 Then glue the chimney into the hole on the roof - orienting it so it's vertical:

All done!   Enjoy your model!


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