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Model of the Month: Guillotine

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Model-of-the-Month for July is a Guillotine.

This is the second model in our "Model of the Month" (MoTM) project.  Each  month we're planning to make a limited run of a different model.

The second in the series is a 1/60th scale ("28mm") model of a guillotine with surrounding scaffolding.

Though popularized by the French revolutionaries for the rapid dispatch of the aristocracy in the 1790's, these devices had been in use since the eleventh century - and the French have continued to use them for applying capital punishment until as recently as 1977.

Before the French used them, they were fairly commonly found in Scotland, England - and (according to one report) Ireland.   The last use in England was in 1650 - and the last in Scotland was 1710.

As such, these machines would not be out of place in any fantasy setting.   Having our heroes rescue an unfortunate from such a death would provide a great "nail-biting finish" to any epic journey.


Reader Forum: Model of the Month: Guillotine

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From: Steve Baker    Date: 2017-06-14 06:56:27
Yeah - good idea!

From: Randy    Date: 2017-06-07 19:11:27
Glad to see you are still in business!!!

You should put a link to here from your old home page...

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