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Since our Viking ships sold very well in our Model of the Month (MoTM) and tabletop gaming and because of TV shows like "Vikings" and "The Last Kingdom" - general public interest in the Viking era is "hot" right now, we decided to take all of our future planned models for that genre and release them all on one go in a Kickstarter.


Bad news for the Townsfolk.

The planned start date is March 9th - and we'll run for about 30 days as usual.

If you're new to Kickstarter projects, it works like this:

  • We produce a new selection of around 20 to 30 kits - make a large diorama showing what they look like "in action" - and a video where we chat about the project.
  • On March 9th, we'll post a link to the "kickstarter.com" page with our project on it and everyone can come and see what we're planning to do.
  • People (we call them "backers") pledge money to back the project's development...
  • ...and in return, as "rewards", our backers get the first kits off of the production line at bargain prices.
  • During the 30 days that the project runs, we invest a lot of time talking with our backers - we listen to their ideas and design more kits to fit their wants and needs.
  • We ask that our backers help the project along by telling their friends, co-workers and posting the news to social media.
  • As thanks for doing that - if the project does well and surpasses various goals, we provide free "goodies" to our backers - and we add "stretch goals" where we add more kit designs.
  • We keep it light and amusing - this is a lot of fun for all concerned.
  • Once the 30 days are up - we start into a MAJOR production run and ship out the "rewards" as fast as we can.
  • The amount of time that takes depends on the amount of money pledged - so it's hard to be definite.

Trust is key here - and we take your trust very seriously.

This will be our Sixth Kickstarter - we are very good at what we do - and so far, after shipping many tens of thousands of kits - we've never had a single dissatisfied customer or a single missed order.


Reader Forum:

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From: Steve Baker  Date: 2018-03-09 18:09:14  

The new Kickstarter is now underway!

Check it out at:


From: Steve Baker  Date: 2018-03-08 10:54:36  

We always try to include some stuff that is of more general interest - things like fences and wagons that work across a wide timespan.

From: Thunder  Date: 2018-03-08 08:12:44  

I am also looking forward to this Kickstarter - though vikings are not a huge draw for me - more of a dabble occasionally.

There are also some really large kickstarters launching in the next couple months that will be significant drains on my bank account.

Still - I love the stuff you folks do and will no doubt buy a few things.


From: Steve Baker  Date: 2018-03-05 19:24:08  

Those larger ships carried a crew of 200 men!

The trouble with ALL things like this is the dreaded 1" x 1" bases. By gluing a figurine onto a 1"x1" base, you're forcing it to occupy 25 square feet - where a real person, sitting on a row bench with another guy might occupy 4 square feet.

So our figurines take up 6 times too much space! Hence a crew of 200 28mm figurines would easily fit on our ship - but you'd probably be lucky to get 60 based figurines on board.

This is a general problem with terrain - buildings, vehicles, everything!

From: Bob "Limbolance" Sweeney  Date: 2018-03-05 17:51:11  

I don’t doubt they were that long! They had to carry a large enough task force in 2-3 boats per raid (from what I have read - they were often more numerous)! How many rowing stations (e.g. how many minis) to fully man the boat (looks like 28 rowers with room for 1 mini each in stern and prow)!!!!
From: Steve Baker  Date: 2018-03-04 21:08:50  

This Friday (March 9th) - running 30 days.

I've been putting together the Kickstarter site (LOTS of photos - LOTS of reward listings - much copy to write - and recording the video) - it's a multi-day job.

Getting to the end of it though - final polish and the realization that I have some more kits to assemble and photos to take.

From: Bill Redifer  Date: 2018-03-04 14:28:37  

I'll be broke too! can't come soon enough.
From: Steve Baker  Date: 2018-03-03 22:19:35  

It's 25" - but it's assembled in two halves - so the longest piece is around 12" for shipping.

The archeologists found a longship, (called the Roskilde 6) which is 121 feet long at the waterline.

28mm scale is 1:60th - so 1/60th of 121 feet - is a little over 24" - add a fancy prow and stern, and it's 25".

So while it looks pretty long - that's how long they really were!

From: Bob "Limbolance" Sweeney  Date: 2018-03-03 21:55:42  

“Danegeld” will be forthcoming... My but your longship looks mighty long!!! Looks like I’ll be broke this time next month... :-)

The longship - just how long is that and how are you going to ship it!!!

From: Patriot  Date: 2018-03-03 10:58:46  

Very exciting and looking forward to see the creativity at hand, that I am sure will be outstanding.

Count me in on the project.

Painter Jim